Big and Rich

Enlighted was commissioned to add LED lighting to this jacket for Big Kenny of the multi-platinum country music duo Big and Rich. Starting in January 2008, the jacket was being worn on tour in support of their album, "Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace."

We started with a red and gold custom patchwork tuxedo jacket with tails that Big Kenny provided from his own wardrobe. Then, we went to work, enhancing the collar and cuffs with over 100 red, orange, gold, white, and pink LEDs that flickered in a subtle flame pattern.

The back of the jacket was decorated with Big Kenny's signature slogan "Love Everybody" in a logo with a dove, the planet earth, and a beating heart being grasped by the bird's feet. The earth and the text were lit with a steady glow, while the red LEDs within the heart faded with a constant pulsing pattern.

The on/off switch was mounted in the lapel, and a battery pocket (to hold a pack of 4 AA cells) was added at the lower front corner of the right side.