Blood Alcohol Meter Costume

Enlighted was commissioned to build this creative concept for a Halloween costume - a life-size BAC (blood alcohol content) meter. It includes a matching set of silver pants, coat, and hood. Flashing lights mounted on the suit are activated to indicate the approximate level of intoxication:

.00-.02 ... white lights near ankles 
.02-.04 ... blue
.04-.06 ... green
.06-.08 ... yellow
.08+ ....... red lights on head

To help simplify the design, and keep the cost down, the settings were manually controlled (this was for a Halloween costume, after all). The wearer/drinker would take a reading from a handheld BAC meter, and activate the lights for the corresponding zone using a switch panel on his sleeve.

Each zone was animated with a pattern that moved upwards, simulating a filling effect. When the top zone (for 0.08+) was turned on, this would activate a spinning emergency style beacon. 


Below, a sample video clip shows the animation for the upper body and head.