Coat with LED Logo Pockets

This suit jacket is decorated with a few styles of LED lighting.  On each of the front pockets, we have created a large block letter "K" with an embroidered stencil approach.  Behind this stencil we have mounted LED backlighting covered by diffusing material which smooths out the light in that area.

The collar and cuffs have been decorated with custom strings of closely-spaced RGB LED pixels, covered by a sheer black material which conceals the wiring, but still allows the bright points of light to shine through.  In the chest pocket, we have illuminated a fabric flower with another LED pixel.

All of the lights are individually adressable RGB LED pixels, and are animated in a variety of effects, including a steady blue glow, blue and aqua twinkling, blue and white twinkling, an alternating red/blue fade, a red-white-blue chase, and a red/gold effect imitating flames.


The video below demonstrates some of the animation effects.