Conductor of Funk

Enlighted was commissioned to illuminate the stagewear for the Conductor of Funk who introduces the band Con Funk Shun at the beginning of each show.

He supplied his own vest and conductor's hat, and we added RGB LEDs to both pieces. The vest has 90 RGB LED pixels attached to the front, which are then covered with a layer of sheer black fabric to conceal the wiring. The hat has rings of RGB LED tape running around the base and the top.

The lights are animated in a variety of patterns, including several sound-reactive effects. The LED controller and battery pack are held in pockets in the vest, and the hat plugs into the same controller. Control switches are mounted at the hem of the vest.


The first part of the video below shows the outfit in use at a recent concert. The later part of the video shows some of the other animation modes, as recorded in our studio.