Craig Heath Figure Skating Costume

Enlighted was commissioned to install the custom lighting in this costume for professional figure skater Craig Heath.  This happiness-themed design combines rainbows, smiley faces, rhinestones, and several hundred RGB LEDs.

RGB LED pixels are used to illuminate happy faces on the chest, shoulders and back pockets of this full-body spandex suit, and dense stripes of lights (with ~1" spacing) follow the rainbow lines on the sides of the legs.  We also installed RGB LED lighting in a pair of fingerless gloves, and on a matching rainbow headband.


The lights in the suit are operated by an on/off switch mounted near the waistband.  The suit initially powers up with a moving rainbow pattern.  Partway through the performance, a second switch is pressed to activate the sound reactive mode.  For this phase, the lights on the legs pulse upwards with each beat of the music.

design and construction notes

For optimum durability, flexibility, and comfort, this lighting was constructed with individually mounted RGB LED pixels joined together with flexible wire junctions.  The lenses of the LEDs are exposed on the outer surface of the fabric, and all other electronic parts are concealed within the lining.


The video below shows an excerpt from a performance with this costume, from Sun Valley on Ice in the summer of 2015.