CSI Coat 2010

Enlighted was commissioned to install lighting in this black suit jacket. Using gold/amber LEDs, we mounted them in a dense grid on the front, back, collar, and sleeves, and animated them in a downward chasing pattern, similar to rain. (Neighboring columns of lights move at slightly different speeds).

On the back, we created a gold fabric patch to spell out "CSI", and filled in the letters with closely spaced LEDs with the same color, and animated them in a chasing pattern that flowed through the shapes of the letters.

This lighted coat, made in 2010, was the first of many garments we would customize for Ashraf Habibulah, founder and CEO of Computers and Structures, Inc. (aka CSI). This coat bears the CSI logo on the back, while most of his other pieces have his first name, "Ashraf." 


The clip below shows the animated effects of the lights for the front view and the back view.