Dancing With the Stars

Enlighted was commisioned to illuminate the costumes worn on the "Macy's Stars of Dance" portion of the results show for ABC's Dancing With the Stars, a weekly segment featuring some of the best choreographers and performers from different styles of dance.  This performance was broadcast on September 30, 2008.

This piece, entitled "Neon", was choreographed by male lead Brian Friedman, and also included Jenna Dewan (best known for "Step Up") and Carmit Bachar, formerly of the Pussycat Dolls.

The costumes were designed and constructed by the wonderful wardrobe department at Dancing With the Stars. Enlighted collaborated with them on the lighting design, and installed the electronics on twelve outfits.

The women wore a variety of short black dresses and bodysuits with hotpants, with white lights mounted on silver straps. For part of the performance, some of them also wore long sleeveless coats with lighted stripes on the front. These outfits were accessorized by red gloves with white lights (running along the silver stripes), and red lights wrapped around the buns in their hair.

Five of the men wore vests with white lighted stripes on the front and tails, pants with white lights running down the side seams, and hats surrounded by red lights. Brian (the male lead and choreographer) wore lighted gloves, pants, boots, shoulder pads, cummerbund, arm cuffs, and a detachable lighted collar.


A video of the performance is shown below.