David Guetta

In 2010, Enlighted created several lighted pieces for backup dancers performing with David Guetta, a French house music producer and DJ.

The phrase "F*** ME I'M FAMOUS!" (referring to Guetta's series of compilation albums) was written in EL wire on the rear of each one-piece swimsuit. One version used pink EL wire, while a second set was done with a mixture of red and white lighting.

As is the case when this type of lighting is mounted on something thin and stretchy, special care was taken to add enough reinforcement to protect the EL wire from breakage, while also preserving the elasticity and wearability of these tight fitting garments. The EL driver, battery, and on/off switch were held in a pocket near the hip.

We include these pieces as examples of our past work, and to help explain the difference between LEDs and EL wire, but we no longer offer EL wire as an option for custom installations.