Dudes in Tubes v2.0

Inspired by our original Dudes in Tubes costumes, which are discussed on another page, this revised version was made for Cirque USA in 2003.

Each full-body suit consists of a headpiece, tunic-style top, and chaps-style pants which are worn over a black bodysuit and tightened with adjustable straps to be form-fitting. Several hundred multi-color LEDs are clustered at "nodes" and joined together by flexible silicone tubes.

As shown in these detailed images, each node contains up to six bi-color LEDs that can be illuminated in red, green, or orange (red and green mixed). Light is transmitted into the flexible tubing that joins the nodes.


This clip shows an excerpt from a promotional video for Cirque USA' "The Electric Cirquit."  It features several Enlighted costumes, including the Dudes in Tubes v2.0 that is described on this page.  (Look for the performer on roller skates)