Flower Faces

Enlighted was commissioned to create this original piece for a client, who enjoyed it so much they had a second one made in another color. The original is bright yellow, with a shiny vinyl base and a matching sheer mini sequin overlay. There are 20 petals, and each has a line of six RGB LED pixels running down the center. The petals are joined to a fabric ring that fits around the front of your face, and is secured on the back with elastic straps. The second copy was made with an iridescent pink/white sequin fabric, with additional sheer ruffles around the ends of some petals.

The lights are animated in a variety of patterns including inward and outward pulses and spirals. There are also some sound reactive effects. The LED controller and battery are held in small pockets in the bottom petal, and the control switches are mounted in the adjacent petals.

To facilitate traveling with the flower face to music festivals, it was designed to fit in a carry on suitcase. There is a zippered fabric channel that holds a flexible steel coil that supports it when it is being worn. When the coil is removed, the piece can be folded into quarters.


The video below shows some of the animation patterns, beginning with inward and outward pulses. Some of the sound-reactive effects are shown near the end.