Half and Half Coat

This faux fur coat is half black and half white, with the colors divided down the center front and center back. We were commissioned to install lighting throughout the coat - there are about 600 lights total, with ~6" spacing.

This piece is a good example of the difference between mounting LEDs in a light-colored fur versus a darker fur.  The layout is symmetric, and both sides have the same pixel density, but the visual effect is quite different.

The white side uses flat RGB LED pixels that are mounted behind the fur.  The fur acts as a diffuser, so that a larger area around each pixel is illuminated. On the black side, we used RGB LED pixels with small lenses mounted in the outer surface of the fur.  The light does not travel sideways in a darker fur, so the lights appear as relatively small points.

The lights are animated in a variety of pre-programmed patterns, which are accessed with manual switches in one of the pockets.  The coat is powered by rechargeable battery packs held in pockets in the lining.