We call this hypnotically irresistible design the hypnobra™. Each bra cup is encircled with symmetrically placed spirals of EL wire, in various colors.  Some designs have 3 spirals, while some have 4 or 5.

We created the original hypnobra in 2002, and have done many variations since then.  Here are a few examples:

• Pink, green, and aqua hypnobra with dense EL wire spirals

• Multi-color hypnobra examples

• Aqua bra with blue, green, and pink spirals

• Black bra with violet and white EL wire spirals

• Purple, green, aqua, and blue hypnobra with dense EL wire spirals

• The original hypnobra™, with pink, blue and green spirals on a rainbow-patterned bra

We include these in the gallery as an example of our past work, but we no longer offer EL wire as an option for custom installations.


The clip below shows the animation for a hypnobra with 3 spirals.