Ice Beat Factory

In 2011, Enlighted was commissioned to create lighted costumes for Ice Beat Factory, a multi-media art performance that combines a light show with live music and ice sculpting.

We installed LEDs in five garments, using the same general style but with variations in LED color and placement for each piece.

The long coat has a mix of red and warm white lights, arranged asymmetrically for visual interest, and also to account for where an instrument would be held against the performer's left shoulder.  The other jackets use a mix of warm white and cool white LEDs. All of the pieces are programmed with multiple twinkling patterns, so a faster or slower effect can be chosen as needed.

The ice carver's vest is illuminated with blue LEDs, mounted in black rubber grommets to give the lights a bit more protection from the spraying ice. We also created a pair of arm guards, using fabric that matched the vest. 


The clip below shows one of their performances where the lighted costumes are being worn.