Las Vegas Tuxedo

Enlighted was commissioned to create this lighted tuxedo jacket in 2012.

This white jacket was decorated with several hundred LEDs, with several different zones and effects. The cuffs are illuminated with randomly twinkling red LEDs. The edges of the collar are illuminated with closely spaced gold LEDs, animated in a downward chasing pattern.

On the back, the classic "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada" sign is re-created in digital embroidery, with the main diamond shape backlit with uniform white light. The diamond is surrounded by another set of chasing gold LEDs (similar to the effect on the collar), and the red star at the top is created with a small segment of EL wire.

The rest of the body of the coat is filled in with a mix of blue and white LEDs, which are lit with a steady glowing effect.


The clip below demonstrates some of the animation.