Leather Jacket with 140 RGB LEDs

This leather jacket with LED studs is an updated version of a coat we first made in 2001.  Instead of single-color LEDs, we are now using RGB LED pixels that allow for complex color-changing effects, and independent control of each LED in the design.

The jacket comes pre-programmed with a variety of effects, ranging from subtle/slow twinkling to high energy pulsing.  Many of the patterns also respond to ambient sounds.  Custom light pattern designs are available, upon request.

The LEDs are mounted in black rubber grommets that provide a clean and finished look to the garment, even when the lights are not illuminated.

We can do similar installations on other leather jackets (or other styles of coats), although the number of lights might need to be adjusted for other sizes and styles.  For a higher density version, please see our leather jacket with over 240 RGB LEDs.


Sample video of several animation patterns, beginning with a few sound-reactive examples.