LED guitar and violin

Enlighted was commissioned to install decorative lighting on these musical instruments for the Illuminight show at Sea World San Diego, opening in summer 2017.

The front and outer edges of the guitar were illuminated with RGB LED pixels concealed behind a sheer black mesh layer.  The custom LED driver, control switches, and battery were all mounted on the back of the guitar.  

For the violin, the lights were concealed by a sheer rhinestone mesh, and wires ran from the violin and the bow to a central control box worn on the body, near the performer's hip.

Both pieces are programmed with a series of custom animation patterns to coordinate with the costumes and other lighting in the show.  These effects include fast rainbow flashing, pink twinkling on a green background, white twinkling on a blue background, and directional sweeps of color.


A demo video of the animation patterns on the lighted guitar:


A demo video of the lighted violin: