LED/Laser Cane

This sceptre-style "pimp cane" is illuminated with RGB LED pixels that cover the sphere at the top.  The lights are animated in a variety of patterns, including cascading rainbows and twinkling blue/green and red/gold color gradients.

Since this wasn't quite fancy enough, the cane also includes a green laser which shines out the top.  The is the same type of laser we've used to make laser gloves in the past.  The beam-splitting optics create a nice visual effect, and they also make the laser safer to use in areas where it might be viewed at eye level.

The LEDs and the laser beams are controlled separately, with power and mode switches located at the base of the sphere. The cane is powered by two 9V batteries, held in elastic pockets just below the control switches.


The video below demonstrates some of the lighting effects.