Lighted Racing Suits

We're often contacted by people who are seeking futuristic lighted costumes for special events. In this case, a European marketing firm was organizing a series of Ferrari/Marlboro promotions, and wanted to create the impression of racing suits from the future, using the signature colors of both brands. 

These outfits were worn during a choreographed dance routine, and by hostesses who served refreshments at the events. Enlighted made several versions of these suits between 2005 and 2008.

racing suits, version 1.0

In the original version of this suit, lighting was attached to lightly padded/reinforced areas on a red bodysuit and to a set of matching accessories that included a lighted helmet, gloves, elbow pads, kneepads, and boots. Most of the lighted areas were outlined with red EL wire (with some white EL wire accents), and contained red and white LEDs in grommets that flashed in a variety of flashing patterns. On the shins, fingers, and lower front torso, some LEDs were also mounted inside flexible translucent tubes. Silver and black lines with a circuit-like appearance were hand-painted as finishing details.

racing suits, version 2.0

The primary difference in version 2.0 was the removal of all illuminated parts from the underlying bodysuit, so that it could be machine washed and dried quickly. To fill in the spaces where the lights had been, white geometric shapes made of UV-reactive materials were added to the exposed portions of the arms, legs, and torso.

A set of lacrosse-style shoulder pads was added to the costume, with a panel extending down the back, and a battery pack and belt that closed in the front. A removable wire harness was worn inside the bodysuit, with plugs connecting all of the accessories to the main battery pack, so that the lights could be activated on cue. 

The gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, and helmet were similar to the previous version, with slight changes in the layout of the lighting. Overall, curvy organic-looking shapes were replaced with a more angular geometric aesthetic.

racing suits, version 3.0

For the next revision, we continued to use a combination of LEDs and EL wire, but most of the lights were mounted in the front, back, and shoulders of a mini dress that was worn over a long-sleeved bodysuit. Additional lights were mounted in long gloves, knee pads, and a helmet. The helmet and gloves plugged into the dress, sharing power from the belt-mounted pack, but kneepads were powered separately to eliminate the need for wires running down the legs. 

EL wire was used to create glowing outlines on the shoulders/torso, helmet, kneepads, and gloves. LEDs were used (as backlighting) to illuminate triangular and rectangular cutouts in the design. 

The elbow pads and the wide gauntlet-style gloves of the previous versions were changed to a longer tighter glove, with no elbow pad, and a new lighted armband above the elbow.