Lighted Suits for Nike Commercial

We created a set of custom lighted running suits for use in an advertisement for the Nike LunarEpic Flyknit running shoe.  

To achieve a variety of tracer-like effects on runners' bodies, clusters of RGB LED pixels were mounted in the front, back, sleeves, and hood of lightweight running jackets and form-fitting pants.


The lights were pre-programmed with several modes, allowing them to display a range of colors and fading effects.  These modes could be selected manually, with switches built into each garment.  

design and construction notes

This application required a high degree of durability and reliability, so that the suits could be worn by runners in a demanding environment, with a tight filming schedule.  In the spandex pants, this was achieved by using individually mounted LEDs joined by flexible wire junctions.  In the jackets, we used a mixture of individually mounted lights as well as small clusters of pixels arranged in discs, rings, and bars.


The commercial was produced for Nike China in spring 2016. (see clip below)