Lighted Suits for Samsung Commercial

Enlighted was commissioned to create these illuminated full-body suits for use in a TV commercial, to promote the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Hundreds of RGB LED pixels were use to create muscle-like shapes on the chest, arms, and legs of four warmup suits. We also created matching illuminated panels for the performers' shoes, gloves, and hats. 


The pixels can be illuminated independently, with complex color changing patterns.  For this project, the suits were pre-programmed with a series of options that could be accessed with a manual mode switch built into each garment.  This allowed for the color and brightness to be customized on location, on the day of the shoot.

design and construction notes

For optimum durability, flexibility, and comfort, this lighting was constructed with individually mounted RGB LED pixels joined together with flexible wire junctions.  The lights are covered by translucent diffusing fabrics, to achieve a more uniform glow in the lit-up regions.  All other electronic parts are concealed within the linings of the garments.


The commercial, featuring James Corden and his alter ego, was shown in the UK in spring 2015.  (see clip below)