LinkedIn Suit

Enlighted was commissioned to install LED lighting in this suit for an executive of LinkedIn. The collar, cuffs, and edges of the pockets are decorated with single-color 3mm blue and white LEDs.

On the back of the jacket, a LinkedIn logo is illuminated with RGB LED backlighting (filling in the interior part of the text), and outlined with more of the same blue and white LEDs from the trim on the front.

Control switches in the front pocket allow the user to cycle between a variety of flashing patterns. The blue and white lights are wired as four separate channels (alternating as white, blue, white, blue), so that they can be lit up all together, as only white or only blue, or in a four-channel chasing pattern. The RGB backlighting in the logo is used to create a field of white, blue, or alternating colors.


The clip below demonstrates some of the animation patterns, with a front view and back view of the coat.