LJ Reynolds

Enlighted was commissioned to install custom lighting in this leather jacket for LJ Reynolds, the R&B vocalist best known for his work in the Dramatics. The goal was to create a variety of lighting effects with different speeds, including one that would be suggestive of lightning.

We designed a layout using about 100 individually addressable LED pixels, creating lines of lights running along both sides of the front zipper, and extending down the shoulders and around the back of the neck. On the sleeves, a single line of LEDs expands into a pyramid shape to fill in each cuff. The LEDs are mounted in black rubber grommets, with spacing of about 2" throughout the jacket.


The clip below shows the animation patterns, beginning with a blue and white twinkling effect.The next few options are a series of chasing patterns, and it ends with a random flashing effect similar to lightning. The patterns are shown from the side (so you can see the whole sleeve), and then repeated again with a front view.