Marvel Universe Live

Enlighted was commissioned to create the lighted elements for several of the costumed characters in this super-hero-themed live show, which has been ongoing since 2014.


For the Extremis characters (who appear to be burning from within), we built a variety of low-profile lighting  assemblies using RGB and single-color LEDs.  These lights were embedded within silicone sculpted body panels, and covered by specially designed wardrobe.


For Electro, we built RGB LED pixel-based illumination which was mounted in the bright yellow lightning bolt shapes on the chest and headpiece.  These lights were controlled by wireless DMX.


We built lighting for a prototype version of an early visor design, which used red lasers and custom optics.


The video below shows a closer view of the animated LEDs shining through a sculpted silicone layer, to simulate fire in the Extremis costumes.