Mixed Messages Bra

A performance art piece (from 2004), challenging the viewer to NOT look at the blinky light-up message on the model's cleavage. The entire animated scrolling message moves very slowly, and reads:

"DO NOT LOOK ... LOOK ... LOOK ... AT MY TITS ... TITS ... TITS   /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/"

As a twisted social experiment, I wore this to a variety of events, with mixed results.  Some people became embarrassed when the message rolled back around to the "DO NOT" part.  Some people were suprised to learn that female engineers do exist, and that I had intentionally made this for myself.

In 2006, this bra was included in Dave Barry's annual list of "comically unnecessary holiday gifts for people, to reciprocate for the comically unnecessary gifts that you know they're going to give to you."  We're grateful for the recognition!


The clip below demonstrates one full loop for the animated message.