NBA Hoop Troop

Enlighted was commissioned to create lighted elements for a set of Hoop Troop costumes, to be used in promotions related to the NBA, and the NBA All-Star Game in 2013.

We worked on pieces for three Hoop Troop characters: Slam!, Ally Oop, and Swish. Each wears an NBA-branded uniform, plus accessories. We lit up three animated patches, as well as lighted wristbands and a pair of gloves.

The lighted elements were built as self-contained units. Each had its own LED driver and battery, so they could be finished and integrated into the rest of the costume more easily, without wires running between the pieces. The final assembly was done at another location, so our photos of the wristbands and gloves show them in an intermediate state.


The clip below demonstrates the animation on the NBA logo patches.