Red Sequined Jacket with White LEDs

This custom Enlighted jacket was created for a client who likes to make a grand entrance at his company's annual gala.  The jacket has over 400 white LEDs, arranged in a dense grid covering the front, back, arms, and collar.  


The lights operate in several modes, including a slow random twinkle, a fast cascading effect, and a steady glow.  The on/off switch and mode switch are mounted near the hem of the jacket so they can be accessed easily while the jacket is being worn.

design and construction notes

The cool-white LEDs are individually mounted in the red sequined fabric, with the small (5mm diameter) clear lenses exposed on the outside. All wires and supporting electronics are concealed within the lining, and the battery pack (4 AA) is held in one of the outer pockets of the coat.


This video clip shows two of the flashing patterns, with a front view of the jacket.