This cloak with an asymmetric hem was enhanced with LED lighting in an angular striped pattern inspired by circuit board traces. The stripes are created as sheer windows in the fabric, backlit by flexible assemblies of LEDs aligned behind the windows, and covered with a diffusing material. The windows are filled in with a sheer black fabric that allows light to pass through, but looks gray when the LEDs are off.

Matching LEDs are mounted in panels that are worn on the backs of the hands (connected via wires in the sleeves), and on portions of the headset (connected to a plug that emerges near the collar). All lights are controlled by an LED driver held in a pocket of the cloak.

The lights are animated in a variety of colorful patterns that can be selected using manual switches built into the garment, or with the Enlighted iOS BLE App. 


The clip below shows some of the animation patterns.