RGB LED Tailcoat

This tailcoat was decorated with a mix of RGB LED pixels as well as standard single-color blue LEDs. The pixels are mounted on the collar, cuffs, and in horizontal stripes at the center front closure, where they are covered with a sheer black fabric that conceals the wiring while allowing light to pass through.

The rest of the jacket is covered with a grid of blue LEDs, mounted with the lenses exposed on the outside, and the wiring concealed on the inside, under the lining.

The RGB LEDs on the trim and the blue LEDs on the rest of the coat operate on two separate LED drivers with separate mode switches. The collar can be set to be a steady blue, chasing blue, rainbow, or a few other effects. The blue LEDs can be set to a steady glow, a slow random twinkle, and a few different downward chasing effects that are intended to imitate rainfall.


The clip below shows some of the animation patterns.