Sit 'n Stare

In addition to light-up clothing, Enlighted has a long history of creating other illuminated objects. These framed electronic light panels, built in 1999, create hypnotic geometric patterns in response to music or other ambient sounds. They earned the name "Sit 'n Stare" because they tend to have a mesmerizing effect on people, and it's hard to look away once you get sucked in.

These panels are so old-school that they use red, amber, and green single-color LEDs.  (Back then, blue, white, and RGB LEDs were not yet widely available or affordable). The lights are arranged in a tiled geometric pattern with a 6" square repeat.  We produced a series of square panels in two sizes (6"x6" and 12"x12"), as well as a few sets of 12"x48" rectangles.  

Each Sit 'n Stare is packaged in a black aluminum frame with a plexiglas and lenticular vinyl faceplate. It can be used as a tabletop display, wall hanging, or stand-alone room partition. The panels are portable, and can be powered by batteries or plugged in with a wall outlet adapter.