Starlight Dress

Enlighted was commissioned to install custom lighting in this dress for the Toronto School of Circus Arts, for use in acrobatic performances.

The dress is illuminated with several hundred RGB LED pixels mounted in the base of the bodice and skirt.  An outer layer of sheer and sequined fabrics act as additional diffusing layers in the finished garment.


The pixels can be illuminated in a variety of complex color-changing patterns, using a mode switch that is built into the dress, near the waistline.  

design and construction notes

The lighting is created with individually mounted RGB LED pixels joined by thin flexible wires, allowing for a random star-like arrangement in the placement of the pixels.  This construction method also provides a high degree of durability (which is useful for a performer suspended by a harness!).


This video clip demonstrates some of the animated lighting patterns in the dress, shown before the outer layer was attached.  The mode changes are controlled by a manual switch near the waistline.