Telemitry Logo

Enlighted designed and created this custom lighted laptop cover for DJ/Producer Telemitry.

Using digitized embroidery, we created a fabric panel with sheer white windows in the shape of his script-style logo.  This logo is visible whether or not the internal lighting is on.

This fabric panel is backlit with flat RGB LED pixels that are illuminated in a variety of patterns, including sound-reactive effects. This assembly is then mounted to a laptop cover that snaps onto the back of the DJ station.  

We use similar techniques to create illuminated fabric logos on clothing.  The degree of flexibility and durability can be customized depending on the type of garment and the location of the logo on the body.


The clip below demonstrates some of the lighting effects.  In the early part of the video, you'll hear a clicking sound when the mode select button is pressed.  The second half of the video demonstrates the sound reactivity.