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Sit 'n Stare 2.0

  • RGB LED panel displaying hypnotic animated effects
  • 20 different modes, ranging from mellow/calming to flashy/energetic
  • Built-in sound reactivity
  • Select mode manually, or with optional Enlighted iOS App
  • Black wood frame, plexiglas faceplate
  • 16” x 16” x 1.25”
  • Includes US AC power adapter (other types available on request)

This framed LED panel is designed for sitting and staring. It can be used as a visual meditation aid, as decorative mood lighting, or as part of a music-listening experience.

The RGB LED pixels are animated with a variety of patterns that encourage prolonged engagement. Some modes are intended to be soothing and calming, with gradual transitions in brightness and color. Other effects are more dramatic or energetic, with pulses that move in response to ambient sounds or music.

The animation mode can be selected with a manual switch on the back of the frame, or with the Enlighted iOS app, which also allows adjustments in the colors and brightness.

These panels are available in three sizes: the standard 16" square shown here, mini size (9" square), and mega size (40" x 16"). The Sit 'n Stare 2.0 is an updated version of the original Sit 'n Stare, created in 1999.