Black Sequin Capelet

Our latest collection of illuminated outerwear was shown at an LED Fashion & Art Showcase during New York Fashion Week in February 2024. These pieces introduce our new generation of LED driver, which can display organically flowing color patterns, and has the ability to perform a smooth cross-fade transition rather than an abrupt change between effects.

This capelet has split-front sleeves, so it is worn like a jacket, but the back and sleeves from a cape-like surface. The capelet is decorated with a high density of RGB LED pixels. The lights are covered by a sheer layer of iridescent white mini sequins, which conceals the electronics while allowing light to pass through. We also offer a white sequin version of this capelet.

The LED controller and battery pack are held in side pockets in the lining, and the control switches are mounted in the outer right front pocket.

The lights are animated in a variety of color-changing patterns, including several that are sound reactive. The lighting effect can be selected with the manual mode switch, or it can be controlled wirelessly using the Enlighted iOS App, which also allows customization of the colors.

Other pieces in the collection include a white faux fur boleroruffled cloak, and a jacket made of black "bubble fur".  


The video below documents some of the sound reactive effects.