Enlighted Comforter

This piece of illuminated textile art with embeded RGB LEDs offers comfort through stimulation of the senses.  It combines the tactile warmth and softness of a blanket, the sedating (or energizing) visual inspiration of colorful animated patterns, and the synesthetic pleasure of lights moving in response to ambient sounds and music. 

The comforter made its public debut in June 2017, at "Experimental Realities: an Exhibition of Interactive, Responsive, Projected, and Animated Art." 

It can be set to play in a “demo mode” that automatically cycles through a variety of pre-defined effects, or you can use manual switches built into the comforter to select a pattern that will play continously.  You can also choose between five brightness settings.

The comforter can be displayed as a wall hanging, but it is also fun to use as a blanket, floor mat, or cape.  Curl up with some hot lava, ride a flying rainbow carpet, or travel the galaxy at warp speed, without getting out of bed. It is durable enough to sit on, though it will be most comfortable to do this on a soft surface, like a bed or a carpet.

The bathmat suggestion in the photos is mostly a joke - the outer cover is removable and washable, but overall the piece is not intended to absorb much water.

Power is supplied by a built-in rechargeable battery pack (when you want the blanket to be portable), or it can be plugged in with a wall adapter when it will be staying in one place for a while.  Battery life varies with the type of pattern and brightness, but in most cases you'll be able to go a few hours without recharging.

Blanket dimensions are about 54" x 36", and it is being produced as a limited edition of 20 pieces. Please contact us for information about pricing and availability.


The first video below shows the demo mode, with the patterns advancing automatically.


The second video shows a kaleidoscope pattern displayed on the comforter.