In the summer of 1999, I was commissioned to create a lighted suit for use in "Flyerman," a documentary film about the extraordinary life and times of Mark Vistorino, the man behind the flyers. Little did I know, this would lead to requests for additional lighted suits, and my business would grow, along with my passion for illuminated clothing.

The original Flyerman suit is a black vinyl tuxedo jacket and pants set with over 200 white LEDs decorating the lapels, front pockets, and sides of the pants. The name "FLYERMAN" is written on the back of the jacket, and the whole thing is animated at a flashing speed that is simultaneously irritating and exciting.  You'll want to look away, but you can't!

The suit is featured prominently in the film, including the opening credits, and scenes where Flyerman runs amok in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

We were commissioned to create additional custom lighted jackets for several other occasions.  In June of 2002, we returned to Las Vegas for an in-progress screening at the CineVegas Film Festival. Then, in September 2003, the film made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

We also created another custom lighted jacket for Flyerman when the DVD was released in 2005.


The original Flyerman lighted suit (black vinyl with chasing white lights) is shown several times in the movie trailer, linked below.