Flyerman 2005

Flyerman, aka Mark Vistorino, is a well-known Toronto entertainer who got his start in the industry by handing out promotional flyers. He is easily recognized by his signature outfit, a suit with his name in lights across the back. His exploits are the subject of the documentary "Flyerman," which was released on DVD in the US and Canada on June 7, 2005.

To celebrate and promote the release of the DVD, he had another lighted suit made. This black denim coat has stripes of blue LEDs mounted in the sleeves, shoulders, and on both sides of the front zipper. If also has white LEDs spelling out "FLYERMAN DVD" on the back, and the initials "FM" on the front.


The clip below shows some of the animation patterns for this jacket, which we'd describe as 1) fast, 2) mellow, and 3) pulsing.