Kaiser: Amazing Food Detective

Enlighted contributed custom lighted elements for several costumes in The Amazing Food Detective, a production of Kaiser Permanente Educational Theater, starting in 2011.

The main character, Professor Howe, wears a series of whimsical outfits, including a chef's hat and apron with lighted fruits and vegetables, a lighted shower cap and bathrobe, and a shiny purple detective's hat and cape. She also has a pink lighted shirt and pants with lighted side seams, to wear under the other costume changes.

The students in the class wear a variety of lighted accents, including lighted shirts, jackets, pants, and a skirt. A repeating motif is a lighted heart patch, made of a dense grid of red LEDs, which is combined with several of the actors' shirts. When the student encounters an example of unhealthy food or lifestyle choices, the heart flickers and fades away, a bit like the loss of a "life" in a video game.

We worked on costumes for other Kaiser shows in 2014 and 2016.


The clip below demonstrates the animated heart effect.