Kaiser: Game On

Enlighted has worked on several projects for Kaiser Permanente Educational Theater, a program that provides health education in the form of multi-media performances and workshops. 

This show, Food Detective: Game On, provides information about nutrition and healthy eating, in a flashy video game format that appeals to young audiences. We created lighted strips and panels for a variety of shirts, pants, vests, and jackets, which are used to indicate when the performers are "inside" the game.

In many cases, the lighted elements are designed to be removable so that the base garment can be washed normally. Leg strips are attached with snap tape, and lighted elements on t-shirts are built as flexible panels that fit within sheer pockets accessed from inside the shirt. 

Many of the elements are built with RGB LED pixels, and are programmed with multiple effects and sequences which can be activated at different points in the show.

This version of the show has been offered since 2016. In 2011, we worked on an earlier version of this show, called The Amazing Food Detective. In 2014, we contributed lighted costumes for Kaiser's show on STD awareness.


The clip below includes some excerpts from the description of this show on the Kaiser Permanente Educational Theater website.