Mobile DJ Costume

This project was commissioned by a DJ who performs with a mobile deck that can be worn on a stage, on a dancefloor, or anywhere in between. The gear is supported by an aluminum shoulder harness (similar to what a drummer in a marching band would use), and it communicates wirelessly with the sound system at the venue.

To complete the mobile party vibe, he wanted a full-body light up costume that could be worn over the harness, and that would be durable and comfortable enough for this type of use. For the upper body, we used a mesh motocross jacket with protective pads on the front, back, shoulders, and forearms. RGB LED pixels were mounted in grids on all of these areas, along with a diffusing layer, honeycomb lenticular vinyl, and a black mesh outer cover. At the wrists, we added pads to support matching lighting on the backs of the hands, secured with elastic loops around the thumb and pinky finger.

The pants are decorated with RGB LED pixels that run down the side seams. These strips are attached to the pants with snap tape, and can be removed when the pants are washed. The jacket is spot clean only, and is intended to be worn over a base layer that would be washed normally.

The logo on the back is modular, and can be swapped out for events that require a specific theme or other branding.

The lights are programmed with a variety of animation patterns, maby of which are sound-reactive. There is a set of manual control switches mounted on the left forearm that control the power, brightness, and the mode selection. The LED controller also includes hardware that allows the light patterns to be triggered wirelessly by the Enlighted BLE App.


The video below shows some of the custom patterns that were created for this outfit.