Pink Fur Coat

This faux fur coat is a variation of this coat, made previously for the same client. We used the same long-pile white fur with pink tips, but changed the style of the coat to have a larger rounded collar. The entire coat is illuminated with a dense grid of RGB LED pixels, and animated in a variety of colors and flashing effects, including several sound-reactive options.

When the LEDs are off, the exterior looks pink. When the LEDs are on, the white portion of the fur acts as a good diffuser and spreads the light over the surface, taking on the color of the LEDs.  

Some of the modes only light up the outer edges and the ends of the cuffs, so that you can choose a more subtle/mellow option to match the mood in certain environments. This can also set the stage for a dramatic surprise, when you reveal that the entire coat can light up and change color.


The clips below show some of the animation patterns, as viewed from the front and the back.