Sea Star Prop

Enlighted created the lighting for this sea star, which is used as a prop in a musical production about protecting sealife and cleaning up the oceans.  The main character makes a wish on the magical sea star, and it responds with changes in color and pulsing patterns. The show, Honu by the Sea, originated in Hawai'i, but travels internationally to perform at aquariums, museums, and other venues.

The prop itself was hand sculpted and molded in resin, and has an internal cavity that is just big enough to hold the LED controller and a power supply (a 4-pack of AA cells).  The lighting consists of a string of RGB LED pixels, facing upwards on both the top layer and bottom layer of the sea star.

A manual on/off switch is built into the prop, but the animation patterns are controlled with our new Enlighted BLE app. This allows for wireless control of the modes, without the expense or extra work of setting up of a wireless DMX system and console.


The clip below demonstrates how the app is used to control the lighting modes in the sea star. The names of the modes are uploaded to the app when the devices are first paired.