Sit 'n Stare 2.0

These framed illuminated panels display multi-color geometric patterns that can be customized to match your mood, whether you want a high-energy dance party, or a chill space where you're just relaxing and sitting (and possibly staring).  They contain dense grids of individually adressable RGB LED pixels, and are controlled by the same LED drivers that we've developed for lighted clothing, accessories, and props. 

These "Sit 'n Stare" panels are made in three sizes:
• standard size (16" x 16" x 1.25" thick)
• mega size (41" x 16" x 1.25" thick)
• mini size (9" x 9"x 1.25" thick) 

All supporting electronics are built into the frames, along with an on/off switch and manual mode switch. The links above will take you to the portfolio pages for these pieces on, which have additional photos and video for each type.

This project is inspired by our original Sit 'n Stare panels, made in 1999. Back then, blue LEDs were not yet affordable, so we had to settle for a design with red, amber, and green LEDs arranged in groups, with only 12 independent channels per 6" repeating unit. Twenty years later, we're still playing with variations of the retro tiled/geometric aesthetic, but we're excited to have so many new color options and a much higher density of LEDs.


The video below shows the three panel types for Sit 'n Stare 2.0, beginning with a series of sound-reactive effects. The later part of the video (with no sound) shows the modes that do not respond to sound. To sync the panels and have them display similar animation modes at the same time, they are being controlled with the Enlighted iOS app, which communicates with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface within each panel.