White Bodysuits

We were commissioned to create this set of three white bodysuits for a dance performance at a corporate event.

There are 50 LED pixels on each suit, mounted on the arms, legs, and front of the torso. The LED controller and rechargeable battery pack are held in pockets on the back of the costume. Because of the tight fit of the bodysuit, the lights are mounted with S-curves of excess wire between them, to accommodate a range of body movements and fabric stretching. Sheer white mesh panels have been added over the regions where lights are attached, to help keep the wires concealed and contained.

The pixels are programmed with a few twinkling speeds of cool white lights, as well as a bright white steady glow. The mode selection can be changed wirelessly, using our Bluetooth-based Enlighted iOS App.


The clip below shows some of the animation effects, viewed from the front and side of the costume.