Telemitry Laptop

We were commissioned to create this custom lighted laptop cover for DJ/Producer Telemitry, as an update to an earlier version of a laptop cover that we made for him in 2015.

The foundation is a hard-shell snap-on cover sized for his particular laptop. We filled in the whole outer surface with a dense grid of RGB LED pixels, and then covered that with a thin diffusing layer and a sheer black mesh on the outside.  The logo was created as a (reverse) stencil of adhesive vinyl on one of the interior layers.

The panel is illuminated in a variety of patterns, including a series of sound-reactive effects. The modes can be selected with manual switches on the attached control box, or via Bluetooth with our Enlighted iOS App.

The animation patterns are similar to those we designed for our framed Sit 'n Stare panels, but with a different aspect ratio.


The clip below demonstrates some of the lighting effects.  The second half of the video demonstrates the sound reactivity.